Online casino games and the trust factor

Most online gambling sites such as are fair and trustworthy. Games of these sites can't be hacked or rigged that easily as you imagine. Your online casino is as dependable as your neighborhood bank. Play your slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, and other games without any fear of your money being stolen. Continue reading this gambling guide.

The importance of licensed casinos

If you are gambling for the first time, consider opening your casino account with a licensed website. There are very few chances of you losing your money on a website that is licensed by national gambling regulators. Receiving a casino license is very difficult as casino operators have to follow multiple rules set by the authorities.

All licensed casinos have to ensure that their games run fairly, payouts are given on time ( subject to documentation), and there are no illegal activities on that casino. Some gambling regulators are the U.K. Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Government of Curacao, and the Gibraltar Gaming Authority. You can view your casino's license on the homepage.

Random Number Generators

If you are playing on a licensed gambling website, most probably your casino has an RNG running all its non-live dealer games. Random Number Generators are highly complex computer programs that generate completely random sequences and permutations of numbers when you play a slot, table game or a card game. Continue reading this article.

But are these RNGs amenable to manipulation? Not at all. These tools are always monitored by third party monitors like eCOGRA. In fact, many online casinos use this organization to check and monitor their Random Number Generators. In the United States, there is a different body that monitors RNGs. Look for the eCOGRA seal on your casino's homepage.

Understanding the game rules

If you have been playing slots for a long time and haven't won money all this time, you can be excused for thinking your games are rigged. But this is perception and not reality. Every slot has an RTP and a variance, and it is possible you have been playing games that have low RTPs and high volatility.

  • Never gamble on a public WiFi

A slot having a higher RTP is likely to be more profitable than one with a low Return to Player score. This doesn't mean that all high RTP slots are profitable. Your winning is also dependent on its volatility, strategy, betting level and luck. High variance games can fetch you high sums of money in a very short period.

House Advantage and online games

Online casinos are ultimately commercial entities. They are in the business to make money. With that end in mind, casinos develop games that give them house edge. A house edge is a mathematical advantage enjoyed by a casino on a slot, table or a card game, etc. Every game has a different house edge.

You can find out about your game's house edge by doing a simple internet search. Please note that you can reduce the casino's house edge on a particular game but can't remove it altogether. There are several strategies available for reducing this house edge, and you can read about them on various casino review sites.

Online casinos and rigging- final thoughts

Online casinos are business entities and design their games in a manner that gives them a slight advantage over the players. That said, every online casino also publishes the house edge of all its games. This helps new and existing gamblers to make the best and informed judgments. Casino games can't be rigged for several reasons.

All ,licensed casinos have to abide by several tough rules and regulations laid down by the regulators. These rules relate to fairness of the games, payouts, and money laundering. Any casino that flouts these rules can have its license cancelled. Games of licensed gambling sites are run by Random Number Generators that are monitored by reputed 3rd party auditors.